WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org – What Is The Difference

WordPress.com is one of the best blogging platforms that have helped million of people to get their business online. Nowadays with the help of WordPress it has become easy to create your own website in no time. WordPress has two different domains that are WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Both of them are same but different in the working. Both of them are used to create websites, but it works differently. Over here we will see what the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is.



WordPress.com is nothing but Open Source software from where you can create your own website and modify it according to your need. You don’t need to download any software to make your website. Making website in WP.com is really easy. To have your own blog or website you only need to login to WordPress.com and after getting login, you can start with selecting your WP domain and then go with selecting themes.

Making a blog or a website on WP.com can be beneficial for you in number of aspects. Following are the benefits that you can get from WP.com:

Benefits Of WordPress.com

  • As this an Open source it free and easy to use and easy to set-up.
  • You have number of options for themes.
  • Easy to create your own design.
  •  You can have free WP domain that is sitename.wordpress.com.
  • For your content, it is made a back up automatically.

These are some of the benefits that you can see in WP.com. Just like the pros this WP.com has some downsides too. Following are the cons of WordPress.com:

Cons Of WordPress.com

  • You can only choose selected theme and it is not that easy to customize it.
  • You are not able to add plug-ins on your site for having better functionality.

These were the cons of WP.com. After looking at this, we can see that we are having some benefits in WP.com, but restricted with something. After looking at WP.com, now it’s time to see what exactly WordPress.org is. WP.com also provides you with premium feature, where you can have your own domain and the blogger can host their blogger elsewhere.


WordPress.org provides you with software so that you can make your own custom blog. To make your own custom design software you need to download the WordPress software first.  If you want to host your blog, then you need to find a hosting company to do that. Following are the benefits of WordPress.org:

Benefits Of WordPress.org:

  • You can make your own custom design that means you have the full control over your blog.
  • You can upload your custom theme.
  • You are allowed to upload plug-ins so that you can have better functioned website.

These are the benefits of WP.org. The best thing about WP.org is that you have an overall access on your blog. You can have you own custom theme and can also change it whenever you wanted it to. Including these benefits this WP.org has some cons too. Following are the cons of WP.org:

Cons Of WordPress.org:

  • When you host your website, you need to have the best hosting company. If you have higher traffic, then you need to pay more to the hosting company.
  • To setup a blog and to run, it requires more technical knowledge.
  • For making a backup of your website, you are the one who is responsible.
  • When any new version of the WordPress software is out, you need to update it because it does not update automatically.
  • Until you don’t have robust hosting so that your website can control a huge amount of traffic.

All the above are the cons of the WP.org.  Looking at the WP.org we can say that, you have better benefits of having your custom designed website, but to for hosting and designing your website, you need to have better technical knowledge.

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