Why Wikipedia Is Always On Top Rank

You might has seen that most of the sites like, Yahoo answers, Wikipedia, Ezine, YouTube and many other such websites are always on Rank if you search for anything. Have you ever imagined about why are they in rank? What do they do to on top?

There are many similar types of questions that come on your mind. To get your result you might do a strong SEO, but never get the proper result. You might be have some great search engine optimization strategy to get your result, but wait for a while and see some of the point below that would help you to make your website on ranks. These are the some strategies that the other websites follow.


Here we go:

  1. Powerful Interlinking:

You might say that your website also have some better backlinks. But, if you see Wikipedia you can see that they have better and powerful backlinks as compare to your website or any other sites.

To have that you must make sure that you have a better and powerful content and According to the new Google Penguin update, you should follow it. If you have less powerful content and more backlinks then it is of no use. Make sure that your article have a proper backlinks, and remember not to overdo it.

  1. Unique Articles everyday:

This is what matters a lot. If you go through Wikipedia, you can see that they don’t have any same or similar kind of articles. That is another factor why they always rank on top. If you go through your website or blog, you can see that you have some unique articles, but most of them are similar to your category.

To make sure you have some better article try to get some unique article. Having unique articles helps your website to get on rank. You would also get better visitors too.

  1. Having an informative content:

As Wikipedia have unique content, therefore each and every content on their page are informative. Having an informative website helps to decrease the bounce rate on your page and because of that your website get’s better opportunity to get your website on rank.

So if you follow the above points first and then do some SEO on it, then your website have better chances to get it on rank. Before doing SEO make sure that you analyze most of the top ranking websites. We would suggest you to not to analyze the off page SEO, but on-page as well as other factors.

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