Why Social Media Is Better than Search Engine Optimization?

Great content = Quality Traffic = More Sales

When you want to get more traffic to your blog contents, you need to have more online visibility either in social media or in Google.

Getting traffic from Google is never an easy task especially when you don’t know how to effectively optimize your contents for the search engines.

Indeed search engine optimization is good, but when you don’t where to place your desired keywords, density of keywords, you won’t get much traffic.

Because, you need to compete with hell lots of bloggers out there to get better search engine traffic to your blog posts. Most new bloggers think that inserting the same keywords again and again can improve their search traffic to their blog posts, but it’s wrong!


In this Google panda and penguin world, you simply can’t expect great traffic from search engine bots if you repeat the same keywords again.

You need to properly know your before write your blog posts, then use RELEVANT keywords (not inserting the same keywords again and again), you can expect good results from the search engines in the long run.

Don’t expect search traffic flowing through your blogs immediately after writing an article in your blog, search engine traffic does take time to reach your blog. “Patience is the key to get more search traffic to your blog posts (through search engines).

Why social media sites are better to drive traffic to your blogs?

Major social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+ can quickly create major impact on your blog posts once you have great following and online reputation on social media sites, because most bloggers spend “quality time” on social media sites like Facebook and twitter to draw other influencers attention.

When you share great contents with attention grabbing headlines, you can definitely build loyal audience around your blogs.

“To drive traffic from social media sites like Facebook and twitter, you have to have quality, relevant and problem solving contents on your blogs”.

You need to focus on a SINGLE problem on your each of your blog posts to quickly create great impact on your blog, and try to spend quality time on social media sites to connect, share and promote other people’s contents.

Building online reputation through social media sites, you NEED to wait for few months, because you simply can’t expect quick results on social media sites.

What are the best social media sites to focus on as a blogger?

It is a good question when you are reading something like this post (to bring traffic from most used social media sites to your blog posts).

3 major social media sites to focus on:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+

Facebook traffic: Driving social media sites especially like Facebook was considered as a waste of time, but after creating the blogs on Social media sites, most bloggers came to know how important it is to drive traffic from Facebook. You can use Facebook groups, Facebook ads and/or Facebook promotion campaigns to build quality audience around your sites.

I will be covering how to drive traffic from twitter to your blog posts in next posts… so, hang on to know how to drive social media traffic to your sites.

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