Why Email Marketing Is Important?

Are you not making enough money from your blogs?

Have you ever thought why you are not able to build loyal readership around your blog?

Building loyal audience and making money are directly proportional to each other. You can’t make decent income from online businesses simply using traditional money making methods like placing ads, banners or promoting the hell out of your affiliate products.
Email Marketing Importance
You have to act strategically to make money from your blogs in 2013. It’s where email marketing comes in.

Email marketing will not only build great readership, it will also help you promote your products the right way to get more clicks and sales.

When you have proper connection with your readers you will always find it easy to sell your products? Why? When your readers have faith in you, they will see you as an authority and prefer buying your products, period!

Here are few strong reasons why should you start email marketing as soon as possible.

  • It’s the BEST advertisement for your blog and brand
  • Most online readers use email marketing as a way of communication
  • Once you have a great email list, you almost have everything
  • You can build strong relationships with your readers and customers by sending frequent emails to enhance their lives

Building trust online is the FIRST thing you can do to make more money from your blogs or online businesses. Without building trust you can’t motivate others to buy or promote your stuff no matter what. Online credibility is that important to generate decent income. So how can you build trust online? Why would anyone trust you in the age of scammers and cheaters?

The answer is email marketing. When you have an email list where people are generous enough to buy or share your products, it won’t become a hard task for you to make more money or get attention.

Permission marketing is what makes you to get more conversion rates from your products or sales. Permission marketing simply means that people permit you to sell or introduce your products. If they REALLY find your products or offers valuable, the chances for them to buy your products will be very high. That’s the secret of permission marketing and email marketing is often called permission marketing where you make your readers or visitors to subscribe to your blogs.

You can mostly automate your online relationship building process by using email marketing. You have the flexible option of automating list building process, it will not only save tons of time for you, but it will allow you to create stuff according to your customers or targeted readers. By keeping fresh and valuable content and offering it for free to them, you are gaining a lot of loyal readership around your network which will become a big asset for you in the long run.

When is the right time for you to start building an email list?

You are serious about making money blogging, you should start email marketing today itself. The more you delay, the more leads you will lose each and every day. If you ask any professional blogger about their biggest blogging mistake, most of them will say “I didn’t start email marketing from day 1 of blogging”. So don’t do this mistake on your blogs, start it as earlier as possible.

We will cover the remaining topics about email marketing in the coming blog posts where you will learn everything from using the right email marketing tools to making money from it.

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