Where Bloggers Waste Their Money?

Numbers of times you might have money, which you may have defined to spend over your blog for advertising, blog promotion, purchasing links, etc. However are you sure the cash you are expending will offer you any advantages. Are you expending your money at correct place for the correct thing? Numbers of times you might go on expending over things, which you might not be that useless or important. Then you allow your hardly earned money to be waste?


We have conformed a list of five things on that you must never expense cash.

Websites, which wage users to visit your website –

People who visit your website by these sorts of websites are not interested in your blog not in your blog’s articles. They come to your blog only for dollars. Therefore ignore waging for such traffic. in spite of trying traffic exchange websites such as W3 Junction.

Purchasing readers –                                                                                

This is completely readers. Purchasing readers do not make sense at all. These readers are false ones, they will only raise your readers count however will not progress your affiliate sales, and blog traffic. Therefore why waste cash on things that offers you nothing?

Purchasing links –

We won’t recommend you to purchase links as Google might castigate your website. Better than purchasing links, is to attempt for link exchange or do blog commenting. It will offer you links also you will not lose cash. Too you might be protected though Google’s fine.

Purchasing Facebook Fans/ Twitter Followers –

This is one huger mistake committed through numbers of bloggers. Numbers of people purchase Facebook Fans & Twitter followers only to raise the count & to display off to other readers and to receive advertisers.

Several simple designing stuff –

There are some designing things such as banner designing; logo designing, etc. numbers of you may lease a professional designer to do this for you. We suggest you not to do that. we recommend you to try this yourself as you will be capable to get what you wish and for free. This is simple. If you care busy or can’t design yourself, then leasing a professional is the just option.

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