What Is QuickPress And Quick Edit In WordPress

Whenever you login to your WordPress Dashboard, you must see a thing that is known as QuickPress. Have you ever imagined what that QuickPress is and what is the use of it? The QuickPress helps you to post some basic strategies for your Dashboard. You can do this, without navigating to the Post menu. Most essential thing in it is the Title, Content and Tags. This helps you to add image, videos, polls and many more.

When you save the post that is made through QuickPress it, then appears on the post menu. Over here we will see some key changes that you can do when you Add New Post.


  1. Your private setting and your sticky posts are inserted into Visible in the Public mode.
  2. You will get the pingbacks, and also trackback setting in the new Dashboard module. When anyone post a comment on your blog, then that will appear over here and hence it can be moderated.
  3. There will be no Save Draft button near your Preview Button.
  4. The post that is already published will then show the update button.
  5. For including URLs send track back will get its own module.

Now let’s see what is Quick Edit.

Quick Edit can been seen on the Edit Post. Quick Edit is nothing but the equivalent to QuickPress. When you click on Quick Edit, it helps you change the attribute of the post that is slug, date, title and many other aspects easily.  On this you can change the date, time, author, and also password.

Over here you might have learned about what is QuickPress and Quick Edit in WordPress Dashboard. If you spend more time on that, then you will get to know a lot about it.

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