What Is Link Wheel And Link Wheel Stratergy

Link wheel strategy is what most of the bloggers try to get, but before doing that you should know that link wheel is the creative use of web 2.0 property. The reason why people choose link wheel is to increase the link juice that in turn directs to your site. Because of this you get better result for your website and get your Keywords on rank. This means when you do link wheel you make Google to crawl your website.


After knowing this you might be eager to know about their strategies, but before that we need to know all the six components of link wheel. Following are the components of link wheel.

  1. Web 2.0 Properties.
  2. Social Bookmarking.
  3. Micro-Post.
  4. Documents Site.
  5. Article Sites.
  6. Private Blog network.

These are six important components that you need to know about.

Ok! After knowing this we will now tell you the strategy for link wheel.

  1. The foremost thing you need to do is creating a web 2.0 website and link it to your money making site. To make web 2.0 website you can use blogspot, WP, squidoo and many more.
  2. When you create web 2.0 site and link it to your money making site, then it will help you to give more power to your money making site by giving more popularity.

This is a web 2.0 strategy but this is not an end, because you can get more by Social book marking and Article submission. So how could you get that? Follow it:

  1. Write few article related to the keywords.
  2. Submit the entire article to the best Article submission website.
  3. After your article gets approved, make sure that you do social bookmarking.

If you try this and target all your keywords in daily basis, then you will get a better result for your keyword on the Google Search engine. Including this you also need to make sure that you do your other SEO work properly and within few days you can see the result.

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