Web Designing Interview – Questions And Answers

If you are a website designer or a fresher and going for an interview, then you need to know the answers for those questions that most commonly asked in an interview. Following is a list of questions and answers that asked in an interview.

Q.1   What is .CSS and for where is it used?

Ans:  -Full form of CSS is “Cascading Style Sheet.” These files are used to manage and control the font size, font style, and many other. The main aim of using .CSS file is to give a common look and feel to entire website. CSS file is a separate file that we integrate in your website code.

Q. 2 How to integrate CSS file in your webpage?

Ans: – The CSS file that you use is nothing but a file or a document with an extension of .CSS file. If you want you can integrate this file with any number of HTML files. If you want to integrate the CSS file then remember that you have to integrate the file after the <head> tag using ‘Link’ property. The following code illustrates your answer:

<head><Link REL=STYLESHEET HREF=”filename.css” Type=”text/css”></head>

HREF is a property that helps you to get the reference file located at your system.

Q.3   Is CSS file Case Sensitive?

Ans: -CSS is not case sensitive, but if you are using any image, URL, or any other name of a file then it is case sensitive. If suppose you are using a writing an XML code or XHTML code at that time the CSS file is case sensitive. For example if you have a XML Doc file and in your CSS file the class name is written as div.myClass{…} then  there are chances that will show an error. The best practice is to not to avoid naming classes.

Web Designing Interview Question And Answers

Q.4   How to apply picture as a Background image?

Ans: – If you want to make an image as a background image then you need to point into the <body> tag. The below code illustrates it:

<body background=”filename.jpg”>…………….</body>

You need to remember that the <body> tag should come after the <head> tag.

Q.5   Can you make the Background image still even if we scroll?

Ans: -Yes, we can have the background image still even if we scroll the bar. To do that we need to set the ‘bgproperty’ as ‘fixed’. The below code illustrates it:

<body background=”filename.jpg” bgproperty=”fixed”>……………</body>

Q.6 How to add a scrolling text in the webpage?

Ans: – Usually all browsers support the scrolling property. The only difference is in the name of the tag or the property. If you want to scroll the text in your website then follow the following code.

<marquee>Scroll Me Through</marquee>

The <marquee> tag is used to scroll the text. After using this tag you can see that the text is being automatically.

Q.7 How to navigate from one page to another?

Ans: -Navigation is really important point because the webpage that you have must be having navigation. HTML has really made the navigation easy. Following code illustrate about navigation:

<a href=”filename.html/text/doc/pdf….”></a>

As you can see that it is not compulsory that you can only navigate from one web page to another, but you can use any format of page. <a> tag is also use for many purposes. For example if you want someone to mail you by just clicking on the button, then you can use following code:

<a href=”email id?Subject=Enquery”>TEXT</a>

So all the above are the basic questions that are asked in an interview if you are going for the post of website designer. Therefore better be prepared for your interview and all the best!

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