“Verification names” added by Google Plus on user’s profile

Numbers of people need to know that Google’s latest Google Plus is a supreme powerful rocket of social networking. In a very short time, they have created their huge enormous social networking. At presently, they have presented another progress to upgrade it and make it much better as compare to others. Google has placed verification badges to specific Google+ accounts.

Google Plus Verifies Name

The symbols primarily occur as tiny, grey in circular checkbox on account name’s right side and it will be enlarge the moment people will passage their mouse, this says verified names.

On Friday, Wen-Ai-Yu declared in Google+ post and additional video. She described that right now verification is concentrated on, celebrities, figure, and users who have been included in huge numbers of circles.

However, there are no descriptions about how many numbers, which can be characterized as huge numbers of circles. Andrian Rodriguez, nine hundred, plus people added me in their circles and my account doesn’t have verification badge. There are only one hundred seventy people who add one person in their Google+ circles however Google has verified him.

However why Google practicing this feature? Google wants to offer more quietness to people while adding family, friends in the circles. Facebook is missing this.

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