Users Revolt Against Google For Shutting Their Services

We have never come across from many complaints held to Google decision each day by Google users, which have put into practice till now by Me Monitor. Google proclaimed on Tuesday that they are going to shut down some services and products of those are iGoogle before the people on July 4th.


iGoogle would shut down in 16 months, on 1 November, 2013, but why? Google answered that the iGoogle need has battered over time, there is no future of iGoolge comparatively as new apps for Chrome and Mobile Apps has. iGoogle has become obsolete. Accordingly there are many productivity found in iGoogle than any other Apps.

The Google web search is under the attack with a lot of complaints regarding iGoogle.  Google is doing their level best to merge all the post into one Google Web Search Help line but the lines are jammed with lots of complaints for iGoogle.

If this doesn’t happen in 16 months we have a lot of time, I have never found these many complaints for iGoogle and about Google shutting their services.

It is speculate if Google considers that complaints are out of hand and further than my belief.

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