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Bloggers who use the WordPress plug-in called Tweet Old Post must update their setting now that there has been a recent update. In the recent few weeks we noticed many tweets, which were very weird; they included nothing but links without any description on them or any further text indication where the URL was taking. Usually when anyone sees a link something similar to this on Twitter, it seems a spam and they typically block them. Now imagine what if such type of links gets published from your own Twitter account? One would only think that your account was hacked. But this was not the case this time when the same type of links were getting published from our accounts, and we came to know the real problem was the plug-in called Tweet Old Post used for WordPress.

Tweet Old Post Plugin

HootSuite was indicated the cause of Tweet Old Post If anyone uses HootSuite to check the Twitter streams, one thing everyone will notice is that HootSuite shows the source from where the tweet came besides the time stamp. With this case, the HootSuite gave us a clear sign that the Tweet Old Post Plug-in generated all tweets plus we got additional hints on Twitter as we can sample several URL’s using the Parrot Fish Chrome extension by Embedly.

We got a question regarding creating Su.pr link. Well this plug-in generates a Su.pr link automatically when click on the option.

And after recording many screen cast we came into a realization we had to select yes option for the question, and the following options were presented for the URL shortners.

  • bit.ly
  • su.pr
  • tinyurl
  • 1click.art
  • tr.im
  • u.nu
  • 3.ly
  • is.gd

Su.pr is always our first choice and bit.ly is our second, whereas others we use them very rarely.

The first thing you need to do when you login Twitter is update the Tweet Old Post settings!!!





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