Turn Your Twitter Account Into Gmail Notifier

Social media plays an important role for bloggers as well as for a normal people to be in touch with the world. We have found a way to turn your Twitter account into Gmail notifier. You will be getting notifications through tweets after get a new email messages.

Not only that you can also tweet and send SMS from your mobile phone with the help of twitter. If you want to do that then follow only three simple steps:


Step 1: Get New Twitter App For Gmail:

  1. To do that visit the Twitter website and create the new twitter account and then create the Twitter account for your Gmail through myGmailInbox.
  2. After you create your account you will get the conformation mail. Confirm the Twitter account and then go to Settings and check on the option Protect my tweet and don’t forget to uncheck Let others find me by my email address.
  3. if you have done with it, Go to dev.twitter.com and sign in through your new twitter account. After logging in go to New Twitter App and fill the instructions as:
  • Name: Gmail.
  • Description: Gmail bot.
  • Website: http://goo.gl//…
  • Callback URl: spreadsheets.gogle.com/…

Be sure that there are no spaces on the URL sections.

  1. After this go to Settings and change the mode Access to Read and Write.
  2. Now save the settings and click on OAuth Tool.

Step 2: Linking Google Doc To Twitter:

  1. To make the copy of the spreadsheet you need to do to the Google Doc to make the copy of your own Doc account.
  2. Then go to Tools and click on Script editor and the value should be replaced to the TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET and TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY. This key you get after you click on the OAuth tool (Refer Point 5 of Step 1).
  3. Now create the new Time-Driven by visiting the Resources and changing the Current Script. After that click on the Authorize to save the trigger.
  4. Now Go to Run and click on Sent Tweet which will give you a new message Authorization Required for your twitter account.
  5. Now you have to click on the Authorize to give you permission for Google Apps Script.

Step 3: Track Gmail on Your Twitter:

  1. Now this is the final step, where you have to login to your old twitter account and then send the request to your Gmail account.
  2. You will the approval link through Twitter on your Gmail account. Approve that to finish the work.

Now you have succeeded to turn your twitter account Into Gmail Notifier.

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