Traffic Travis –How does It helps you?

There are lot of software’s that have been released for SEO and purposes. “Traffic Travis” is the new application for SEO and PPC. This application helps you to make your SEO work easier. This application will helps you to save your time and give you some time for making better search engine optimization strategies.

This article will help you to know about how Traffic Travis would works for your site and what does it do.


            1.       Quick overview of SEO performance:

Through Traffic Travis, you can see the overall SEO performance of your website. Through Traffic Travis Dashboard you can check out your Alexa Traffic, Number of pages that you have indexed for Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You can also see the top five ranking pages of your website.

           2.       On-page SEO:

Through Traffic Travis it becomes easy to understand your On-page SEO. It has a rating system, which help you to know about what are you are doing is right or wrong and it will also show the way to improve your on-page SEO work.  It also helps to see your challenger and helps to shape-up your On-Page SEO.

          3.       Quick Research on competitors:

It helps you to know about is the keyword worth purchasing it after seeing the ratings of individual keywords. It analysis the difficulties of each keyword. Traffic Travis does not take time to do that. You could get the result just by clicking on the button.

          4.       Easy to create Keyword list:

For your campaign, Traffic Travis helps you to get out loads of relevant keywords. You just need to type something and the rest; they will take care of it.

          5.       Discovers competitors backlinks:

You can get backlinks of your competitors by their PR, Anchor text and many more. This will help you to gain the same backlinks from all those websites. That will also help you to get your website a boost on the search engine.

          6.       Monitors search ranking:

This is the best part of the tool. It helps you to monitor your search engine results for any number of keywords that you want.  To do that click on Reports to see your result through graph.

          7.       Discover your PPC competitor:

This tool also helps to keep an eye on the keyword.  This tool helps you to keep an eye on those keywords that your competitor is paying to advertise it.

This is all about the Traffic Travis tool. If you spend a lot of time on it, you will learn a lot and number ways to utilize it.

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