Track Your Traffic From Pinterest In Google Analytics

From past years Pinterest growth had been increased. This social networking website has become one of the top 100 social networking websites and has more than 11.7 million US unique visitors.

In Google Analytic we have seen the traffic that you get is more from The question arises as how to measure the Pinterest traffic in Analytic? To do this just follow the steps given below.

  1. Visit Referral Report:

The referral report helps you to track the number of visitors that you are getting from particular websites. To visit Referral Report you need to go to Traffic Source then click on Source and then go to Referrals.


Now at the beneath you will see the top 10 sites from where you are getting the traffic.

  1. Custom Report: 

Having a custom report is another way to look out after the traffic through Pinterest. Custom report helps you to get the special information that you are willing to see. Custom report will show you about how many visitors have visited your site and from where and how many pages have they visited.


To take it further select “Landing Page” as an option. After looking at custom report you would know that the visitors want what, hence you target those products on Pinterest and get some raise.

  1. Dashboard:

In Google Analytic, Dashboard gives you end to end and high level view of your entire website activity. Just by adding widgets at your dashboard, you can see all the information that you wanted to.


By using this you can track about all the activity of the user. For ex: Is the user using Phone or PC? How long is the user at your site? Which is the most popular content at your site and many more? After looking at this you know about how and at what you should target.

  1. Multi-Channel Funnel:

If you are planning to see the visitors from Pinterest that had helped you, then be careful because the Google Analytic standard report uses last click attribute. For ex: If  suppose i visit your site from Pinterest and then visit again by direct typing URL, then Pinterest will be left alone. But, If you want to make it more better then see at the Multi-Channel Funnels reports that you can find it in your Google Analytic. Having a look of the Assisted Conversion report is the foremost thing that you need to do and after that select Source as the main facet and then start filtering Pinterest.

After you do this, then it will help you to know the number of times the Pinterest assisted and the number of medium before conversion.

This is how you can track your traffic from Pinterest in Google Analytics.

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