Top Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Want to make money from your blog?

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s are few top ways to make money from your blog.

Advertisers: Most bloggers start generally with the Google Adsense on their blogs. No doubt it’s a suitable money earning process for the beginners though but it’s not the best method to earn potential income from your blog.

Because these days.. online users have became more clever that they can easily find out which is an ad and which is not.

So it’s not so easy to make more money from this kind of advertisements. But you can still try when you’re just starting out.

Here are few ad companies that can give you money when someone clicks on their ads.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the best way to make more money online. You should learn affiliate marketing tactics like;

  • finding your readers,
  • reading their minds and
  • placing ‘targeted ads’ for them on your blog to make more money.

Banner ads: Simply put banner ads on your blog. There are many ways to do this.. One of the best websites for selling banner ads in your blog is: Buy Sell

Product reviews: Product reviews are the easiest way to earn money from affiliate marketing. The process in this is so simple. You need to publish the paid articles on your blog, no matter whether you get any sells or not, you’ll earn money for publishing it.

Few websites don’t ask ‘dofollow’ links – as you should be careful with this. When your links go to gambling or scamming sites – they can badly hurt your SERP rankings in Google. So always make sure you’re publishing the product reviews that are similar to your blog.

Here are few sites where you can get product reviews to publish on your blogs.

Freelancing: This depends on your writing skills. When you’ve convincing writing skills – more people will come to you for your writing services. I’ve tried this already – and few clients have already booked me for several months.

The payment can be done in two ways in general:

1. Payment in advance

2. 50% in advance and the remaining on the final draft

However few writers prefer charging the money after writing all the articles, but in this process you need to be clever. You must go hand in hand with the professionals!

You also need writing portfolios and great writing skills to get lots of work. Because people will see your previous writing samples to know about your skills. When your guest posts land on top blogs, you’ll get more chance to BIG projects.

Create a product & sell: You want money from your blog on auto pilot? Then you’ve to try this method. In this process, all you need to do is: create a product.

  • An eBook,
  • Video tutorials and/or
  • Podcasts etc

And sell them on your blog.

When your readers/visitors find your product interesting, they’ll surely buy your stuff. But make sure you’ve great stuff on your product, otherwise no one will trust you afterwards!

So make your product outstanding, and give it some limelight then you’ll see a boost in your bank balance – as simple as that.

Create themes: If you’re web designer or if you’ve enough designing skills then you should try this. Most bloggers who take their blogging seriously will always buy premium themes. When you’ve designed great themes, you’ll certainly get more orders.

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