Top 7 Free Tools Of Social Media Marketing

A raising number of business both large and small, are utilizing social media to involve with consumers and develop their business. But despite of its advantages, social media marketing could be very time talking specifically in case you utilize multiple social networks to raise your reach. Handling numerous networks is very time taking and be a huge drain on your resources. Luckily, there are tools of social media or dashboards, which permit you to post numerous social networks at formerly, saving your worthy time.

The procedure is simple. You create one free account at one or more of these web services and include facts of all your social network profiles. You can make a use of dashboard’s tools through their website to publish all your social networks at one time without need to login separately to every website particularly. Moreover you can also take benefit of free tools to count your social impact.

Following are seven free social media tools, which post to number of social networks

It is owned app of Twitter, which brings much flexibility and vision to power users. There are desktop and online versions of the tool.

Strong Points of TweetDeck:

You can include numbers of Facebook and twitter accounts to your TweetDeck.

No only a submission. It also offers vision to what is happening at this present moment on twitter.

You can plan direct messages and tweets

You can make columns of particular content, which interest you most.


Buffer is smarter and new way of sharing content over social media. In spite of you taking up the times and dates for every post, they are already pre-set. It manages a queue or buffer of the content you want to share.

Strong Points of Buffer :

You just need to keep your buffer loaded along with your links and content and you do not have to be anxious regarding when it will be published, it’s all managed for you. is one of the famous social media dashboards to measure and handle your social networks.

Strong points of HootSuite:

Capability to assimilate the RSS feed of your blog to new posts is mechanically done.

Complete manual regulation over scheduling your posts; get to select the accurate date and time posts must be posted.

Also adds analytics feature to follow how you’re posting works on social websites or to follow our brand mention.



Hello Txt is one more tool that is alike to By Hellotxt you can publish your status once and have it occur mechanically on all of your online services, permitting you to keep all your friends ready with ease. This also allows you to read updates of your friends through bigger web services such as twitter and Facebook on single screen.

You can inform your status on the site, or through utilizing email through your cell phone.

Strong points of HelloTxt

It helps number of social websites

Hence, it doesn’t help auto-posting through your RSS feed or blog, you can link Twitterfeed with HelloTxt in sense to capture automatic posting to all your social websites whenever you publish your twitter profile or blog.



Ping.Fm is an easy and FREE service, which makes apprising your social networks a break! It permits you to publish from anywhere to all your preferred service. You need not plan your posts.

Strong Points of Ping.Fm:

It helps number of posting to number of social websites, not only the major ones

There are number of ways to publish as SMS text messages, iPhone app, email or also instant messages facilities like Google Talk, Yahoo!Messenger, Windows Line Messenger, and AIM.

Capability to assimilate with HootSuite that has a good feature to retrieve new content through your blog and publish to social networks. But the free HootSuite version can just post to some social website, one of that is Ping.Fm. Through linking HootSuite your Ping.Fm account, you can capture instinctive posting of your blog posts to all your social websites for free of cost.

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