Top 5 Social Networking Websites in 2011

The social world surely knows no bounds and this is already getting a very dreamy place, the web that too covers almost all people living in world presently, which has entry in the computer. Following are some of the top five social media websites, which you can subordinate yourself in this year, a perfect place to make friends, interaction, nourishing your social carvings of notification, and link with total strangers and friends.



Facebook is standing on the number 1 position in the list. Well, this is actually not shocking at all because you will make many users as lone standards in checking the perfect social media websites, Facebook will surely turn out to be winner without more deliberations. Presently, this has some 700,000,000 recorded users; each one can be inactive or active however the thing is that seven hundred million is a very huge number. Facebook surely never fails to excite it subscribers due to the constant maintenance and updates observes that they organize from time to time.

Twitter –


In case Facebook placed on first rank, you can estimate that Twitter will be on 2nd position, straight beside Facebook. Gossips are being spread claiming twitter will soon switch Facebook on the 1st position due to its comparatively newer features and fresher, a thing which majority of old school social networking media holds really hate the most due to it could basically damage their website in only quick time. In case you were going to check this website in senses of design and functionality, you will explore that this surreally deserved to be on 2nd number slot.

MySpace –


In case you are assuming that MySpace is on the border of its death already, you are might be wrong. MySpace is remaining alive and its users are somewhat faithful to it in spite the huge level of attractiveness and glamour that other sites provide. Usually, MySpace is remain as user friendly as this used to be so there should not really be a plenty of user relevant topic while it comes into this issue. The only concern regarding MySpace but is that it nearly never moderated its platforms in huge scale manner so making this looks such as a little collegial equated to other social media.

Linked In –


Social media websites are not surely made for the reason of news, socialization, and present affairs. Few of the most popular network media nowadays are not also certainly inclined with socialization however majorly, on job networking. A specifically nice example will be LinkedIn. Here, you can arrange up a very powerful network between colleagues, therefore that whenever you need to contact somebody for project, you can stay in touch by your network little much simply.

Ning –


Is it your 1st time to catch in this world? Right now you have gotten about this already; you can already find about this in the web and understand the things that this can do for you. Actually, the features can just be all the similar in case you will equate this with other websites. The just difference that you can really see between them is the interphase that they provide and the form of customer and services help that they can offer.

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