Top 5 Social bookmarking Sites for SEO


Numbers of people are using Social Bookmarking sites to get more and more traffic for their blog. A social bookmarking site has helped the bloggers to get more backlinks and also helps to boost for SEO.

Social Media has really made a great impact on SEO. We are here to see top 5 social bookmarking sites that help you to boost your SEO and help to boost your traffic. Following are the list of Social Bookmarking site that you should know about.

  1. Facebook

We think that this is the known site to get boost to your website. This has become the big medium to share your blog all over the web. Nowadays the concept “Share” and “like” has spread all over the web to and it has helped the bloggers to boost your blog in Google Search Engine.

If you want to boost your blog through Facebook then follow the steps:

  • Create Facebook Page
  • Provide a name to that page and also give your business information in it
  • Use wedges for Facebook at your blog
  • Allow people to post comment
  • Try to include keyword at your wall post with the related link
  • Update the blog regularly and share it on your blog

These are some basic thing that you need to follow.

Top 5 Social bookmarking Sites for SEO

  1. Google+

This is another source to get more and more traffic and also helps to boost your SEO result. You can add +1 to the blog that you like and by doing that it helps the blogger to get better result for SEO and also better traffic. To get better result you need to follow:

  • Frequently update your blog and share it to Google+
  • Create a friend circle and try to upload the like and ask them to stream it

This is how you can share your like on Google+

  1. Digg

This is a social news website that allows people to vote the new up or down.  This is also called as digging and burying. If suppose you have shared a link in Digg and you get more and more digging, that means you are indirectly getting more value to your story.

  1. Slashdot

Slashdot is really a great and mostly used social bookmarking site used. Using Slashdot users can submit links, and do bookmarking that in no time get converted in stories by spreading it. To follow the discussion people can comment on the threat.

If you like the comment, then you can rate it +1 or-1. This is how Slashdot helps you to get better SEO result.

  1. Delicious

This is the old one and is mainly known to share stories, doing bookmarking, and also storing the stories. This is most popular bookmarking site, because it was found that in year 2008 there were more then 5.3 million users found in there.

In Delicious you can add tags. Tags help the blogger to boost their website SEO result according to tag that you have added.

These were the top social Book Marking Site that you can find to boost your SEO.

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