Top 5 New Link Building Methods

We know that Google force for quality content and I support that too, however we all do know that links play a very vital role in website ranking. I am tired of people telling things like “ generate diversified link profiles and develop high quality links, without saying you what is required for diversified link profile or where to move to build links. Therefore, here I came with the list of top five new link-building techniques, which will support you in your SEO battle and link building campaigns.


Social Bookmarking –

Utilizing websites such as Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious can depot you a mass following –

Submitting links to social bookmarking website will bring you quite a bit of traffic and much interest.  This does mean good search engine rankings. However that will not happen automatically by its own. It is not sufficient to only created these bookmark links and accounts. No, you need to engross community, find some like-minded people to track, which will follow back, and like and Digg their pages. In return, they will do the similar for you.

Forum Posts –

The very basic technique of link building. Search an active forum within you aimed niche, create your account, include the link with your signature, and begin posting. This technique is very good for two things –

It generates a link with your selected keyword from a niche relevant website.

By involving in a forum, you can establish yourself as authority in your niche. So, that is in case you support others and do not spam. Continuous posting in forums, the legit way, could be a nice source of traffic.

Guest Posts –

Means writing posts for a same niche with links coming back to your own content. Guest Posting is one of best techniques of link building. You get in-content link, and in case you publish your post on site with lot of traffic, you can get much exposure. Like with everything else, engage, connect, comment and much more. These some examples must offer you a clue that social interaction is major key to site link building and website promotion.

Free Templates –

This one is bit difficult however can offer you with nice results. Links in footer to your content go up on any website utilizing the theme, whether it is Joomla, WordPress etc. It is not link bait and it is. A nice theme on its own is link bait and it will get links, however what I am recommending here is to make free themes and templates, which you will serve the community to utilize, for free of cost, as far as they keep the link template’s footer.

 Paid reviews –

In case you have a product, serve to pay bloggers to create a review regarding the product. Or do not pay – you can get free of cost reviews through serving your product for free of cost or with a huge discount that is publicity on its own. Serve to offer your service or product away for free of cost in exchange for review with links for your website.

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