Top 5 Joomla Business Templates 2012

If you are creating a website in Joomla, then you need know the best themes that you can use to create your website. We have come up with the best business templates of year 2012. Following are templates:

  1. jQuery business company:

This Joomla 2.5 template is a free template that gives you a best business looking site. This template is specially used to design a company, or corporate website. This template has rich features like drop-down menu, customizable logo, scroll to top- bottom, and many more. By default this template is loaded with jQuery. The jQuery might be a problem for many bloggers, therefore to avoid the JavaScript problem you must load jQuery only once. You can also activate and de-activate the plugins.  Keep in mind that when you start up with the NivoSlider module you must keep the jQuery template enabled and disable the jQuery on the module.

  1. Orange template:

ThisOrangetemplate is only compatible with the Joomla v2.5. As compare to the older version this template has the same design and the layout, but the new feature added to it has a CSS3 animated link, drop-down menu based on jQuery and many more.

  1. Green Business:
Green- Business

This Green Business template is the newer and the better version of the eBusiness template. By using this template you can disable or enable the JavaScript, jQuery, Superfish effect, custom image, Navigation menu, and many other features. It is really easy to manage every thing through the template parameter.  This template is best for company and corporate level website, but you can also use it and change it for your need.

  1. Light Simple:

If you need a neat and a light designed website, then this is the best template. You can also download the slideshow module and install it to your website. This website really loads faster as it takes only few small size images.  It uses CSS3 for drop-down menu and links for giving a hovering effect to your site. You can also edit the .CSS file. This template would suit all your needs.

  1. Small Business (SmartBiz):

This is another Joomla template specially designed for Business website. This template has many features that your business needs. You will get a better dropdown effect on the top-navigation menu. This supports the Joomla 2.5.

These are top 5 Joomla templates for making a business websites. We will surely come to you with many more and attractive Joomla Templates, themes, and plugins.



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