Top 5 Important Tools To Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

We have already know that making a landing page, which really sells your services or products need a killer design, clear messaging, catchy headlines, and strong call to action, which gets people clicking. However, how do you really know what is working? Analyzing and collecting the correct data is vital to running any fruitful advertising campaign, permitting you to tweak particular elements on your site’s landing page to support you radically recover your conversion rates. While the time I spent handling the Conduit Affiliate Program and leading various offline marketing projects, I have practiced amazing ideas for optimizing landing page for wide diversity of traffic sources. Here are 5 important tools, which I picked up for you to show highly useful for anybody associated in building landing pages.


Google Content Trials –

It is a great tool by Google that allows you run A/B and multiple tests to see your landing page’s which combination of content reduces or improves your conversion rates. Utilizing it in addition to Google Analytics can offer you with actual insights in what is working and what is not functioning on your landing page. Google Content Experiments will swap Google Website Optimizer impactful 1st August.

Google Analytics –

Data analysis is one of the very strong ways to recover your conversion rates. Google Analytics has been around from quite a time now; however Google has just recently placed much emphasis on conversion-oriented capabilities and features, offering a metrics array to check the KPIs of your marketing campaigns. Previous to recent upgrades, you will have required a much robust data analysis tool, however with Multi-Channel Funnel reporting and Goals, Google Analytics accomplishes most of my data analysis requirements. However be ready: There is bit of steep learning in sense to use its features in the most effective manner.

ClickTale –

Working narrowly with our graphic design group taught me how essential UI analysis is for raising conversion rates. To give back up to our ideas of where to best arrange certain elements, we applied a service known ClickTale that contains different heatmap tools. Heatmaps demonstrates where users are seeing, permitting us to get worthy insight in how to nicely design our pages.


Olark –

This Y combinatory-supported start-up is might not for everybody; however including live chat functionality to your landing pages can surely raise your conversion rates. Just copy page the Olark code on your landing page to allow the live chat feature and make that ultimate push to shift prospective users to sign in to your service or submit their info. The perfect part of Olark is that it mixes with your iM client so you do not have to utilize some clunky chat application. The on-page chat users of your website – a nice way of getting response regarding your products. You can also select to hide feature in case you are offline.

Formstack –

In case you’re landing page contains few type of form to gather user’s data or perform different actions, then I recommend you to have a narrow look of Formstack. We do not utilize Formstack at Conduit because our research form is developed in our user regulation panel; however I was completely enthralled when friends in industry displayed me how the tool performs. Formstack features a simple to use form builder, third party integrations, payment processing functionality, and custom confirmation or redirect emails. This tool really brings out all the headaches connected to the post-sign up and sign-up processes.

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