Top 3 Free WordPress Backup Plugins

In case you had a site hacking experience, you might be known how essential it is to take constant backups of your blog. Having database backups of your WordPress blog is only not sufficient! You should backup you files also. Why after all the information includes all essential things. We have leave up this on you. In case your blog gets slashed few days, in case you are fulfilled with only getting back the comments and posts, and in case you can deliberate spending hours or days uploading and finding themes, images, and plugins, you can only backup your database and for the brilliant people out there who surely respect time, supporting your database.


There are 2 ways to take WordPress backup – automatic and manual. Although having backups manually is an answer, it is almost impossible to keep in mind and keep backups daily. This is time consuming.

Want a way out of this? Are you searching for free plugins to support your WordPress blog quickly, easily, and automatically? When there are huge numbers of WordPress backup plugins present online permitting you to support WordPress simply, we have got top three WordPress backup plugins. We have utilized them in our different blogs and we rate them as perfect WordPress backup plugins.

BackWPUp –

BackWPUp plugin is fanciful. BackWPUp can support your blog database, add any folder or file, reject any folder or file, export XML, WordPress, etc. BackWPUp can also check, repair, and optimize your database. BackWPUp can support you to create compressed backups. This backups your tar, zip, tar.gz, tar, tar.bz2 formats.

XCloner –

XCloner not just backs up your blog database; however this can too backup your files. You can have a complete backup or also a partial backup. You can plan the plugin to have backup at breaks. You can make a crushed back up to spare disk space. XCloner is the full few backup for WordPress. If you require XCloner support, you can purchase supreme support.

This can preserve backups in FTP, folder, Google Storage, Amazon S3, BackSpaceCloud, Dropbox, etc. and this comes free of cost. We can’t believe this plugin can come free.

WP DB Backup –

This goes through its name and this plugin only holdup your WordPress database. This can preserve the database backup to your server, mail the backup to you or you can also download the backup through your browser as soon as the backup is full. WP DB backup is nice in case you only want to take database backups. We prefer utilizing the 1st two plugins although.

Therefore people, have you tried any of the above plugins and in case yes which one you like the most? Or do you suggest any other WordPress backup plugin? Let us inform which WordPress backup plugin you use and which WordPress backups plugin you prefer the most.

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