Top 10 Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

We have seen that most of the WordPress (WP) blogs are looking similar these days. You might know lot of things about WP, but it is also important that you must be aware of that, the users that visit your website must hang out there. If you don’t have some better design for your site then you it might be the cause of decreasing traffic at your blog.


To get better design for your WP blog you must play with the PHP code. We have come out with top 10 most needed WordPress tips and tricks that you must know.

  1. Add tabs to sidebar:


This might be one of the interesting concepts for your WP blog. Adding sidebar at your blog really gives some better look to your blog. You can use Yahoo UI Library to add sidebar to your blog.

You can also add sidebar with your dynamic contents. To do that you need to make sure that you must add sidebar to your content that is related to your post.

  1. Dynamic highlighting menu:


Suppose the user has selected some menu then the menu must be highlighted. To do that you can change the CSS code class to “current.

  1. Landing Site:

The user is looking for some better and useful information if they are landing to your website through search engine. If suppose the user visits your site to check some content, but cant find any, then it is better to add related content search on your blog.

  1. Adding Social Bookmarking button:


After adding all this it is also important you look up for attractive buttons. You might know that people are there in almost many social bookmarking sites, therefore it is better you add social bookmarking button.

Choose button tools for social bookmarking sites like stumble upon, reddit, dzone and others.

  1. Notify User through IM:


To notify users through IM you can use Notifixious plugin. Using this plugin you can notify users about your new post at your blog through SMS, e-mail, IM like Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff and many more.

  1. Create Auto compile search:

You can use Ajax based auto-compiler search for your users, so that it becomes easy for a user to find about what they want in your blog.

  1. Buy me a beer:


This will help you get money from your reader. If you are using this, then the user can donate money to you through PayPal.

  1. Page redirect Template:

Using this template you can give a single URL as the content of the page and this template will automatically redirect that page to the new location.

  1. Add Bookmark button:


Add badges to your site so that the user can bookmark your site.

  1. Paginated Comment:

This Paginated Comment helps you to break your comment in number of search engine optimization page.

These are some of the important most needed WordPress tips and tricks that you must know.

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