Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Today as we all know that the entire world is on air. We all can get updates about each other; can be in touch with people staying overseas via Internet. Everything is so conveniently available. Just name it and it’s there on World Wide Web. One such kind of source of information is a BLOG. It is nothing but a journal maintained on the World Wide Web i.e. Internet.

When one starts writing a blog, readers are expected to read and comment on those posts. The expectation increases when one starts to write regularly.  So for all the blog writers here are few tips how one can increase the traffic on your post.

Posts Quality

This is indeed the most important part of any posts. The quality of the posts is directly proportional to the comments on your posts. If the post is written in such a way that it proves out to be beneficial for the reader, they would surely comment. Even a simple “thanks” will ensure that the post is read and appreciated by someone.

And what if the post is controversial. Well, it doesn’t matter. If the content that you are posting has a deep meaning, you should still share your opinion in such a way that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. Remember you are posting to discuss and not to argue.

Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Invite For Comments

You can ask for comments either directly or indirectly.Directly, you can invite the readers to share their opinions on the post written by you. Indirectly, you can reward them by giving them titles like most frequent visitor, best comment etc. This would increase the traffic on the post.

Commenting process simplified

Readers may find it little complex to comment on the posts. The commenting process may be so long (login, verification etc.) that the readers find it very time consuming. Many a times they end up getting disappointed and do not find it very encouraging. Hence try to make the commenting process simple and reader friendly.

Acknowledge the Comments

The commenter would find it interactive if the comment is responded by the blog owner. The reader would like if there is some auto generated reply which would help reader to follow up further and is also beneficial for the blog owner.

Introduce Plugins

Plugins will always be fruitful when introduced in your blogs. It would encourage readers to read more and there are Plugins that imitate a discussion forum and hence readers will be more attracted towards your post. It provides better exposure and hence increases traffic.

Hence, commenting on your posts is the best way of generating traffic. Follow these steps and see the wonders you can do to your blogs. Happy Blogging!!


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