Tips for Good Blog Commenting that gets approval for commenting

Getting the bonus traffic by good blog commenting is a wonderful and easy method to get back the links back to your site. But many of the comments gets rejected for spamming commenting,  we tell you simple effective way to comment so the chances of getting your comments are nil.
One should always keep in mind to comment something related and worth so that the Web site / Blog owner is also satisfied with your comment and approves your comment. The vital thing to remember is that blog commenting should not be used only for link exchange.

These are the Top five tips for good blog commenting:

i.    Understanding the posts.
As said earlier your comment should be relevant to the post. So always before making comment read and understand the post. Spend adequate amount in understanding the content and also adequate amount to reply. We advise you not comment if you fail to write about the related content. The proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race’ applies here.

ii.    Analyzing what other commenter are commenting in the field name
When you comment on a blog also write in a way where it looks catchy and visitors should find your comment attractive so that you back the link to your Web site / blog. Anchor text is the prime element. But it is a drawback that not all Web site / blog owners do not like to see Anchor text in their field names. If the other commenters have used their names then we advise you to do the same.

iii.    Writing a smart comment
If you believe the first step ‘Understanding the Posts’ , then only you should belive in writing impressive and smart comments. Simply writing ‘Amazing post’ is not impressive enough to get traffic back to you site. Writing on comment that focuses on the aspects of post will help. Check whether the comments are in arguments, if it’s in arguments add your debatable comments too, this will make the owner happy and also accepts your comments dearly.

iv.    Keeping it just and sweet
Writing an honest and clever comment will help you attain a healthier position in the discussion. Keep in mind to keep it short, doing this will ensure other are reading your comments and not getting bored. Posting a comment with 3 to 5 lines are blameless.

v.    Avoiding small mistakes
While writing comments be very sure not make any spelling or grammatical mistakes, also make it readable. Take desired time to avoid such small but severe mistakes.

It is obvious to get desired traffic if you follow these five simple steps for blog commenting. And for more traffic all you need give your time and quality comments. It will be better if you yourself think as a blog owner while commenting on other blogs.

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