Three ways to pull advertisers towards your blog

Presently, blog is not just a place where people express thoughts, knowledge; it is converted into screen of ads. For numbers of blogs, advertising has become major source of earning money. It is not just because it is very much simple but it does not support visitors to get relevant contents with appropriate ads.

Pull Advertisers Towards your Blog

There are some advertising networks such as Chitika, Google AdSense etc. through which bloggers can get relevant ads on their blog’s content. Apart from these ads, you can also get much more money through direct advertisement or through sites such as BuySellAds. However, single this is different in this type of advertising that is Advertisers need to purchase ad space on your blog or site other than showing any ads. Therefore, in case there is not even a single advertiser, then the space remains blank. If you want that advertisers should approach you then you need to do few major optimizations that will support you to appeal advertisers for your blog. To support you to earn much more money, we have come up with three effective ways through which you will be able to appeal more numbers of advertisers towards your blog.

Blog place matters most –

It is not a problem that whether your blog is receiving huge traffic or not. Place plays a huge part in advertisements. The advertisers will just purchase ad place on your blog only if they found that they would get profit from your blog place. Therefore, advertisers will always search sites, where they will post their ad like iPhone niche. Due to that despite of writing ordinary topics, you should focus on your site‘s more attractive place for more advertisers.

Site ranking –

Along with site’s place, site ranking is too essential element of site. This states to your site’s Alexa rank, complete rank and Google page rank etc. the moment advertiser land your blog and thinking to purchase ad place, first he would surely observe your site or blog’s rank on various ranking search engines. When it comes to Google PR is measured, you must work to develop it. The calculation is like the more your blog or site rank, there are high chances that you will get advertiser very soon.

Attract Traffic on Your Blog

Traffic –

As first important thing is site niche, traffic is also that much essential thing that every blogger needs to keep in their mind. In case, you are carrying site or blog on famous place however not receiving constant quantity of traffic, then this is surely useless. Everyday site or blog should get average or good traffic to appeal huge numbers of advertisers. The reason is advertisers will observe your site and if they will find it beneficial for themselves then only they will approach you for ad space.

These are 3 effective ways that you need to work out to capture more numbers of advertisers. You can share any other methods that people can apply to receive advertisers.

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