The Guide For Finding An Advertiser In Your Websites

Direct advertising sales are arguably the best method to monetize a website. Finding advertisers for your site and actually closing the deals, however, is not as straight forward. Over the past 6 months I had more than 10 high profile companies sponsoring Daily Blog Tips, and throughout this article I will share what I have learned along the way.


The Cons

  • Time consuming: The time will be spent optimizing your website for the ads, finding potential advertisers, negotiating with them, and handling the administrative matters
  • Many requirements: Need to have a popular blog, a professional looking design, special software and the like.
  • Unstable: The contradictory is true for most publicity networks, where you just need to plug some code and they will do the rest of the work.

 The Pros

  • More money: In the first advantage the middlemen have to be cut out for increasing profit. As you are using the company network to sell the ads, they will eat 50% of the price, and you will end up earning only $25 monthly for each text link.
  • Independence: Having all requirements in place and spending time looking at right place surely you will be able to sell your own ads through larger networks.
  • Flexibility: The third benefit of selling direct advertising is having control over where and how the ads will be displayed.
  • Credibility: Having sponsors and direct advertisers on your blog might help your credibility.

The only need to have in place:

  • A clear focus
  • Visibility to sponsors
  • A popular website
  • Advertiser software
  • A professional looking design
  • Standard letter to approach advertisers
  • Accepting payments
  • Advertise here” page


Where to Find the Advertisers

Once you have your direct advertising program established, you will start to receive inquiries from people. Don’t get discourage if gets turned out in initial periods, just see to it you have all your needed requirements, some or the other time someone will take a shot on your website.

  • People linking to your site or articles
  • People leaving comments/e-mails
  • AdWords advertisers

Other advertising networks

  • Banner advertisers on similar sites
  • Charges that needed:
  • The numbers
  • Cross-check
  • Be flexible regarding the term
  • Need to provide value
  • Test periods offered

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