Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Takes Pedals On The New Republic Magazine

Media mogul of Facebook and the co-founder, Chris Hughes who is 28 years old has now become the chief of “The New Republic” after purchasing the most of the stakes of the well known developing magazine. This was said by Hughes in Friday after the reveal the letter for TNR.
Everyone knows that we get most of our news from blogs and social media websites. The web has set up an aggressive and most of the people would disagree on in-depth, landscape on long, and resource-investment reporting. But after seeing the use of tablets and mobile are increased this facility is delevope. On this Hughes believes that this opportunity to give a boost to the appearance of the journalism, which is the challenge to the complexity. Over last 15 years there is a lot of changes going on.

Hughes was roommate of Mark Zuckerberg’s college at Harvard University and previously leaded advertising for Facebook on early days, but he finally give up in 2007 to connect to the President Barack Obama’s campaign staff becoming as a director of Online Organizing. He was in charge for the workers campaign on the social media websites, which attracted unprecedented young voters. Later on he found Jumo, which was an online center for social charity that recently merged with the Good magazine.
It is not the priority for Hughes to convert “The New Republic” into the next Facebook. Hughes told that his motive is not to gain profit per se. He is getting involved in this because he believes that this would be the strong and background for journalism that we need to create for the need of society.

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