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For people owning web-pages , it is essential for them to ensure smooth traffic flow to the website or page or forum. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool for web pages to rank higher among search engines, however one must realize the fact that a ranking of any site can go down anytime so in order to sustain a good rank, one must explore new possibilities to encourage the popularity. There must be constant monitoring and analysis along with reporting to create a long lasting impact for the endeavour. As a web-page owner you must be familiar with the tools of rich & relevant content posting, time to time updates, links and keywords. Lets take a step further for increasing the popularity of the website with advanced SEO tools which are discussed as follows:


Using Relevant Links in the content of the page:

There is a certain order to be followed to give priority in link posting in a site’s layout :

  • Content
  • Header
  • Side Navigation
  • Comment
  • Footer

The least prioritized is the Comments and Footer section as there is a lot of spamming on link sharing schemes and large number of exchanges within those parameters.

The Side Navigation links also hold a less value due to overloading

Those links within the content and header and should be given the top-most priority


Link baiting is considered to be one of the cheap means of SEO. However if you have relevant guest sites or other websites which link your content and you link theirs, it can work out a useful tool for the SEO process.

Using the rel Attribute in anchor tags:

It is helpful in generating traffic as well as informing the search engine that the site which is linked to shouldn’t receive benefit of credit for additional ranking. This should be the center for any website owner.

Engaging with linking Articles :

An article in the content of your website should have relevant information and connect to another continuing information on another article in your same webpage by linking to it at the end.

Page redirection:

It is widely used, most efficient way to encourage page rankings, it is a search engine supported method.

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