WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org – What Is The Difference

WordPress.com is one of the best blogging platforms that have helped million of people to get their business online. Nowadays with the help of WordPress it has become easy to create your own website in no time. WordPress has two different domains that are WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Both of them are same but different in […]

Best Alternative To WordPress – Some Best Alternative

WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular CMS site that helps to you create your own blogging website in no time. But, it has been seen that most of the people are not satisfied with it. Therefore, we have come out with some of the best alternative to WordPress. Here is the list of […]

WordPress Themes 2012 – The Best Themes For Your Website

WordPress (WP) is one of the biggest platform blog that helps you to get the best deal to spread your business online.  You can make your own website in no time. When you make your website you must be aware that you must have the best suitable design. In WP you use themes. Over here […]

What Is QuickPress And Quick Edit In WordPress

Whenever you login to your WordPress Dashboard, you must see a thing that is known as QuickPress. Have you ever imagined what that QuickPress is and what is the use of it? The QuickPress helps you to post some basic strategies for your Dashboard. You can do this, without navigating to the Post menu. Most […]

WordPress SEO Plugins That You Must Have In 2012

WordPress is one of the best blogging sites that helps you in building your website in no time. People all over mostly prefer to have WordPress website. The main reason behind this is the customization to make in WordPress is really easy. The best thing about WordPress is that it is really beneficial for those […]

Top 10 Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

We have seen that most of the WordPress (WP) blogs are looking similar these days. You might know lot of things about WP, but it is also important that you must be aware of that, the users that visit your website must hang out there. If you don’t have some better design for your site […]

Manually Install WordPress On Any Of The Web-hosting

Installing WordPress (WP) has become really easy nowadays and it takes less than five minutes to create your website. But do you know how to install the WordPress manually in the Webhosting, if no then we are here to let you know about how to install WP blog in the Webhosting. Before installing the WP […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips For WordPress

WordPress is one of the best open sources that you can get for both CMS and Blogs. By default WordPress has search engine friendly setup, but to make it much better we need to change some coding parts and get some better plugins that will helps you to make your work easier. We are here […]

Plugins By WordPress For Attractive Image Handling

If you want to have a successful blog, then images at your blog plays an important role. If you have a good supporting images for your content then people would get interested in reading the content. Bloggers find many image problems while uploading them to their blogs, but there are few best plugins by WordPress […]

Add Forum To Your Existing WordPress Blog

Hello friends, few days back we have discussed about how to make money online through forum, but this article will help you to know about how you can add a forum to your existing WordPress blog. We know that most of the people might be interested in knowing this. To so that you can use […]