Google Reveals Search Changes To Control Access To Pirated Content

Google Inc. said it would present moderations to its search engine, which will daunt piracy by placing legitimate copyrighted content high in online questions. The fir next week will start utilizing algorithms, which boost capably pirated material to a low position in search results, Mountain View, California-based Google told today in a blog positing on […]

Distinguished Google Penguin And Unnatural Links

Google Penguin Update has spread an essence in SEO world. We have seen Google penalizing many websites and blog. We have reworked hard since the Penguin update, though, results have not been that satisfying. What Google wants from us? Check are you a spammer? If no, then why our results are not improving? Have you […]

Google Has Done Changes With Display Of Its Search Result Page

Today, in case you searched for something on Google, you might have saw something different, like new drop-down menu of search tools. It is the new Google’s moderations to how question results are showed and how this search engine works. Any side that noted that prime difference is the impacts are now vertical first recognized […]

Google Panda Official Update 3.8 Hits The Web World

The penguin update has moved up the SEO world as sites lost their ranking suddenly in one day. As you already understand, this had agitated numbers of and there were many online businesses that were shut down just because one algorithm update from Google. After that, it has become a dangerous game for al; ears […]

Google Sends Notifications To The Websites It Has Started Ignoring

On Friday, Google started sending out latest back of link warning notifications. What we got later was these were not punishment notifications, however rather just a heads up from Google that Google is overlooking few links, which are directing towards your website. This update posted by Matt Cutts on is Google+ page telling these notifications […]

Google Analytics Android App For Bloggers

Google has announced huge addition to Google Analytics that is ‘Mobile App Analytics.’ As per social media-concentrated reported released initially this year, the interest in mobile analytics is clear – in case anything, it may look that Google is bit late in chasing these trends. In this matter, JiaJing Wang the Product manager said the […]

Google Webmaster Tool Now Gives You Crawl Error Alerts

In the past only Google sent you alerts through Webmaster tools when your website was hacked, got malware on it, required a software upgrade, or had severe spam problems. Google now will send you alerts though Webmaster tools ( and mail it on your id in case you set it up to forward to email) […]

How To Tackle The Penguin 1.1 Update And What Exactly Is It

Many people were taking about the Penguin 1.1 update and also about the web spam. People were also searching about how to get rid from this update. But before doing this you must know that the Penguin 1.1 update was nothing but it was associated with the data refresh. Older time this data refresh was […]

Google Adds Related Search Previews Feature To Image Search

Have anybody seen the new update by Google? Google has now made an update on the Image Search and they have added new feature known as “Related Search Previews.” The Related Search Preview feature helps to find some of the great images that you were looking for. On the top of the image search you […]

Why Wikipedia Is Always On Top Rank

You might has seen that most of the sites like, Yahoo answers, Wikipedia, Ezine, YouTube and many other such websites are always on Rank if you search for anything. Have you ever imagined about why are they in rank? What do they do to on top? There are many similar types of questions that come […]