Google Penguin Update – Monster Has Arrived To Kill The Spam

It is almost more than one year that we detested Panda and looks like now there will be another animal in the hate list of Webmasters. Do you know about recent update of Google, which came few days back that is Google Penguin update! You must be thinking what this Google Penguin Update is. So […]

Google: Some Inorganic Links Indicating To You

We all know this year Google has severely stepped up messaging webmasters, and 1 of the very prevalent emails people are speaking regarding recently is the unnatural links directing to your website message. Those who have recently began to rise in frequency, not due to people are doing it much or Google is punishing websites […]

Google Map Got Back The Traffic Data

The traffic data is back again in Google maps. Yes, Google map has got the traffic data back with much better features as compared to the previous version. On July 2012, Google map removed this traffic data from the Google maps web based version. The reason behind removing this one was the prediction of the […]

Google Has Launched Their Account Activity Tool

After making lots of updates, Google has launched their new account activity tool so that you can look for your monthly activity of your account. To do that, you just have to sign in to their service. Through e-mail the user can now optimize their reports. If you want to the report, then you will […]

Google AdSense Added More Controls On Ad Review Center

As everyone can see that Google is coming up with lots of changes this year so that they can make them better. Recently Google has announced that they have enhanced the control and effectiveness of an AdSense blog. Google AdSense has come out with some changes and they are as follows: 1.      They Have Renamed […]

Google Webmaster Tool Updated Crawl Error

There are lots of changes that Google has made in this month and in the starting of this week Google Webmaster tool has updated crawl error. They have made changes in the interface and tracking data. Not only that you can also see the crawl error types that are shown in different languages. Following are […]

Google Image Search Update

It seems that Google is coming out with a lot’s of update today. The recent update that we have seen is the Google Image Search. When you go to image search and type any thing, then you will get a related search and when you mouse over to the related search links you will get […]

Google +1 Button Updated With A Brand New Look

Google has given us a lot of updates and the resent update that we have seen is the Google +1 button that has changed to red. The Google + was launched last year and since then they have come out with lot’s of updates. After dropping the blue look to their button they have come […]

Google Earth 6.2 – Google earth Update

Everyone who is using Google Earth now needs to update it to the latest version 6.2. Yes Google Earth 6.2 is the latest version of the Google earth. In the latest version they have changed  lot of things and the most exciting thing is the Earth Gallery. In the Earth Gallery you can choose layers […]