How To Do Video Chat On Facebook?

Facebook has become the major source for connection people together around the world. You can see that more than billions of people are online on Facebook most of the time. As compared to the time when Facebook was launched to the current time, there are a lot of changes that has been seen. As this […]

Now Facebook Syncs Timeline And Email Addresses

Facebook has launched a new initiative, which mechanically syncs your email address and your Timeline address. The program that will be rolling out on the coming some weeks, means that in case your Timeline address is 19, then your email address of Facebook will be Anybody who already chosen an email address will […]

Facebook Introduces “Groups For Schools” For School Students

There is no secret that Facebook boosts users to spend lots of time on their social website by using new applications such as playing games, chatting, sharing photos, and also sharing status updates. As per the new update, Facebook is offering students a cause to visit something related to academics. It is called as “Groups […]

Four Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest market for viral marketing and reaching out the big audiences in short time. Today we will tell you the four important mantras to better market the product/service/website on Facebook. The mantras are listed below Activity Log Activity Log is just like Facebook Timeline, which will account all the happenings, things what […]

How To Use Countdown Timer On Your Facebook Account

It might happen with you several times that you might have forgotten to wish birthday, Anniversary, or might have forgotten the day of event. As you leave in the internet world, you don’t have to worry about it. Facebook has the new feature known as countdown. The countdown feature allows you to choose the name […]

Facebook Obtainable New Feature For Facebook Event

Facebook has come out with some great changes and the use of Facebook has really become easy. This week Facebook has obtained the new feature for Facebook events. This feature has made it easy to optimize events for your need. This new feature only allows people to add comments who are attending the event. Now […]

Best Facebook Games-2012

Facebook has got people together and has helped to know each other. Facebook have lots of apps and games. Facebook games have become famous day by day and for those people who are always online to play games on Facebook, we have come of with the best Facebook games 2012. Follow the list of all: […]

How To Select Or Opt Out From Facebook Social Ads

We have seen that Facebook has become the main source for most of the people. Nowadays people use Facebook as a business by advertising their ads on Facebook. We have also seen that people are asking question about How to select or opt out Facebook from social Ads? To solve their issue we have come […]

How To Hide Your Online Status On Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? Are there friends to whom you don’t want to talk, but cannot un-friend them, then don’t worry because now you can hide your online status from those friends by following some steps. So do you really ant to know about How to hide your online status on Facebook? Then follow the […]

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Takes Pedals On The New Republic Magazine

Media mogul of Facebook and the co-founder, Chris Hughes who is 28 years old has now become the chief of “The New Republic” after purchasing the most of the stakes of the well known developing magazine. This was said by Hughes in Friday after the reveal the letter for TNR. Everyone knows that we get […]