What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

Reducing bounce rate at the website is main aim of almost all the bloggers or a website company.  We are here to let you know about what id bounce rate and how you can reduce bounce rate. Before knowing how to reduce bounce rate, it is really important for you to know what exactly bounce […]

How To Decrease Bounce Rate At Your Website?

When you see that your website is getting traffic you become happy but you forget to check the bounce rate at your website. Bounce rate is one of the major factors for the blogger to see. If suppose you have a visitor and he is there at your page for more then 5 minutes and […]

Bounce rate – scale that measures site response

Online marketing activity many small but important aspects and to be expert in this you need to know detail knowledge about internet marketing. People who know what is online marketing, they only know that it contains SEO, SMO, SEM, content and some more prime factors but these are the tools which are used by person […]