Set-up AdSense For Existing Domain

Every one knows that AdSense is a best tool to make money at home. Many people ask question about, can they add AdSense in their existing domain? The answer is yes.

We will tell you about how you can setup the AdSense in your existing domain. To make it easy to understand we have given the step by step process for you. Just follow the below process if you want to add AdSense in your existing domain.

  1. The foremost thing that you need to do is login to your AdSense account and then click on “AdSense setup” and after that click on “AdSense for domain.”


  1. After you do that you can see a link “Add new Domain.”

Add New Domain

  1. After you click on “Add new domains”, you will find a rich text box and a button “Add Domain” on the bottom left. When you add new or existing domain, you have to select the preferable language as show in the image below:


  1. After you do that, you can make changes on your domain registration. To do that you need to follow “AFD (AdSense For Domain)” guide. In AFD you simply assign your domain to your AdSense in which you hand over your domain to the Google DNS.  To change your domain nameserver to the following four value in:

As soon as you do this you will be recognized within 24 hours.

This is how you can activate your AdSense account to your existing domain. You only have to follow all the steps as mentioned above and activate AdSense. After you have done that you only need to go through AdSense guide, so that you would get to know more about how to make money through AdSense. Add a comment below if you find something interesting.


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