SEO Let’s Start From The Basic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most popular and common way to get your website or blog on rank in Google search engine.  There are many thing to carry on in proper way so that you can maintain your site on Google search engine. Before making your site on rank it is really important to do some basic SEO task. You have to generate the keyword for your site according to the post that you have written.

There are many things like Blog Commenting, Forum  Posting,  Article Submission, and SMO to get your site on rank and increase visitors at your sir. So to get more knowledge about it  let’s see them one by one in brief.

SEO Basics

 1.       Blog Commenting: –

This is the first step for SEO to get the link of your shared on another’s blog or sites. You have to remember that you have to add a comment on the related blog so that people could click on the comment so that the visitors.

You have to make sure that the comment you have typed should be professional not like any one asking question on the article, because whenever a user comes to your comment he reads and then clonk on the keyword.

2.       Forum Posting: –

This is the most efficient way to gain most visitors as well as to rank your web site on top of google search engine. Whenever you post a forum keep in mind that there are many professionals that see what you write and then reply to your answer.

The Form discussion is going between you and the expert’s so keep in mind that you are the expert too. You also have to keep in mind that whenever you type the signature that signature must be similar to the forum that you are posting answer on. Suppose you have  find a forum of Health and instead of Health you are using signature of wealth or gadget site then, it would really be effective to your site as it would be considered as a spam.

3. Article Submission: –

Whenever you write an article remember that you should not use more than 5% of keyword on it. You should keep in mind that people should add a comment to your article. When you write an article you can share link on that keywords. You also have to keep in mind that the link that you add  must be after 50 words of the article. It is also important to post the article on the selected category


4. SMO: –

This is the best way to get more and more traffic at your site As you have to share the link of your site on other social bookmarking or social networking site so that people would get  to know more and more about your site.  The more you advertise your site the more you would get the visitors at your site.

So if you do SMO on the regular basic the more you would get the visitors at your site.

These are some of the basic things that you have to follow to get your site on rank in Google Search engine. So for becoming better SEO person you need to get better performance of your site.


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