SEO Friendly Website Check List 2012

While performing SEO operations in 2012, do not forget to check list the following things. These are the new checklist for new websites in 2012.


For SEO Friendly Website

  • Get a Top level Domain.
  • Redirect Now www to the website.
  • Minimize Broken links to zero
  • Image tags for Search Engine Affable images.
  • More precise URL structure.
  • Easy Navigation.

FOR OnPage:

  • Unique Meta Titles.
  • Search Engine Friendlt Meta Descriptions.
  • Alt Tags
  • Unique Header Tags
  • Sitemap HTML
  • Sitemap XML
  • Quality and Unique Content.

Social Media has increased its importance, so it is indeed important to perform social media task for the target keywords as well. They improve on search engine ranking and also gives good quality backlinks.

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