Search Engine Optimization WordPress Plug-ins For 2012


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done so to make your website visible in the search Google engine result. To do that you go through many search engine optimization strategy. Not like earlier times, where the results that you use to see were based on the frequency of the visitors that visited your site. Nowadays we can use number for plug-in to see the results. This plug-ins is embedded with HTML, which we use for our website so that we can increase the keyword significance.

We are here to let you know about the important plug-in by WordPress that you need for SEO and Purpose.



  1. SEO No Duplicate

This Plug-in is used to sort out the duplicate content while you are posting a post for your blog. Using this plug-in it will really help you to make a better page rank, because duplicate content affects the page ranking.

  1. All in One package

You should make this plug-in as a default plug-in for your website. This plug-in helps you to automatically optimize the WordPress Search Engine. Millions of bloggers use this plug-in. To manage your search engine optimization strategy for your website, this ‘All In One SEO Package’ has a imperative tool.  Using this it helps us to manage other SEO process as it save a lot of time.

  1. SEO Smart Links Pro

This tool helps you to increase the performance of your website.  This is used to interlink the pages for getting better SEO content. It is used to share the PR of one page to another. Following are the benefits of these tools:

  • It gives you better navigation.
  • Gives better SEO to automatically interlinking the page.
  • You can also use this plug-in to create an affiliate marketing program.
  1. SEO Friendly Images

 Using this app, it helps you to automatically update proper ALT and title attribute image. All the automatically update image is done for the better SEO Purpose. If suppose you haven’t se the ALT and Title attribute for your image, then it automatically do the work for you.

  1. WP Live

 This Plug-in makes the work of the developer easier.  When you activate this WP live plug-in, it adds a JavaScript file to your blog that helps you to call the WP-Live. If any change has been made to your blog then the browser will get refreshed automatically.

 Not only that, you can check your work simultaneously in more then one browsers. This plug-in is only for the developer environment.

All the above five plug-ins are the best and mostly important and popular plug-in for SEO by WordPress. I use all of these plug-in. The only thing that you need to remember that don’t use the plug-in over. Use only those plug-in that are really needed.

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