Search Quality Changes Seen Recently

These days we have seen a lot of changes in the Google Search Engine Quality.  We are here to see all the changes that we have found till now.


  1. Change in Ranking
  • Spam Detecting in Image Search

We have seen a tremendous change in the spam detection. The Image spam detection is improved as compare to older days.

  1. Changes in Search result
  • Relevant SiteLinks

The algorithm to pick up a relevant sitelink has been improved.  Now you can control your sitelink by your local setting.

  • Rich Shipped

The shipped code has also been improved to know the better quality sites. You can now see the site with better quality shipped.

  • Query Result Improvement

The Query has increase and to fetch the better result they have related to a better query result for each and every one.

  • +1 Button Appeared in result Page

To increase a better trust on Google, Google has introduced the +1 button on the result page and also on the blogs. Now you can +1 on the result page as well as the blog.

  • Easy Mobile Browsing

Especially for people using Smart phones or Tablet PC, the mobile browsing has also made easier for them. All the above are the changes that we have seen in the SEO result so far. We believe that we are going to see more and more changes in the coming era of SEO. Let’s see how SEO changes would.

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