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Many people search for themes for WordPress in Internet. Here is the top most WordPress site that you have to make your site design better. Lets see them one by one.

  1. Moses


The Moses Theme has a skin tone a classy home page with a big image slider. It basically has five different styles.  Using this theme you can add a address a mp3 file with events, new articles, and podcast functionality. To share it to social networking site you can add link to Facebook, Twitter and such other site. The price of this theme is $ 79.

  1. Trinity


This Trinity theme has a high-pitched clean design with some modern style. It has a light tone interface and also a clean and readable layout.

This one has following usage like

  • Lifetime Update
  • Ultimate usage
  • Rock Solid Expert Support
  • People Manager

There are many more in this theme. The theme cost around $49.

  1. Urban City


This is one of my favorite themes. This one is really having a unique design that can approach for any of the crunchy appeal. It also has the same usage like Trinity theme.

This one cost around $49.

  1. Antioch


This one really has a great crunch that attracts the users. It has a readable layout with a great finish and with light texture which make the readability easier. It cost the same as Urban city and Trinity them that is $49.

  1. WordPress Crunch


This is the original theme that gives a original crunch feel to your website. There is nothing complicated to learn and have a simple design given to it. It supports:

    • News & Event on the Home page.
    • Widget ready
    • RSS, Facebook, Twitter
    • Sharing post in social bookmarking site.
    • To focus on visitor there is a “I an new” banner
    • It also supports WordPress Menu.
    • It have featuring items on on Home page.

This one will cost you around $35.

These are the best Word Press themes till now and we hope that we will see something new on WordPress. This blog really helps to make the blog look better and easy to access.

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