Recent Update Of Google’s Search Ranking Algorithm

Google rolls out its updates to its search rankings algorithm almost daily, however those are very tiny changes, which impact in a small percentage of all search queries. Once in a month or once each 3 months, in the other hand, they incline to roll up little higher moderations to the algorithm.

As per the article on Search Engine Land it seems like March was one of those months and various changes were launched in the algorithm. Here it a quote: there are 2 things on the list, which make particular reference on how Google practices anchor text. Here they are, word-for-word from the declaration:

Good interpretation and usage of anchor text –

We have progressed systems we were interpret and usage anchor text, and decide how related a given anchor may be for a given website and query.


Twists to managing of anchor text –

In this month we shifted off a classifier relevant to anchor text. Our experimental data recommends that other techniques of anchor processing has nice success, so shifting off this element made our scoring more robust and cleaner.

The other moderation were relevant to picture searchers, content freshness, and navigation queries that are all elements which effect pretty much on all owners of websites and bloggers, therefore see the complete article.

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