Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Expert – Shows You The Capability

Hiring an SEO guy can be the wackiest process. You know that when you do SEO it takes times to get the result. But having an SEO won’t be a loss for you, until you get the best SEO guy in your firm. Over here we have come with some of the most important questions that you must ask when you hire an SEO guy. The questions that we are going to ask you is really important because it will show you whether the person is capable of giving you the best SEO team.


Following are the questions:

Q1: Tell me about your SEO experience:

This question is an open-ended question. When you ask this question to the SEO guy, it will show you about what exact knowledge the guy has. When you ask this question to the person it take time for them to think twice before replying it.

Q2: Tell me about the SEO projects that you are proud about:

When this question is asked to the person, he or she starts stumbling. This question will help you to know about how capable the person is. When this question is asked people mostly start talking about the individual keyword instead of talking about the traffic. As you know about SEO, it is more than just a Keyword.

Q3: Tell me about your biggest failure in SEO:

When you ask this question to the person, you will get to know about, how deep knowledge the person has in SEO. When you ask this question to the person, you will have a fair idea about how would the person help you for your projects.

Q4: What are your favourite tools for SEO:

When it comes to tools, then there are many tools available that are Citation Labs Link Prospector, SEOmoz, and Raven Tools. When you have a correct tool with you, then it shows the way to get the best result for SEO. As you know that tools are nothing but nice, so that you come to know about what exactly they know about the tools and their usage.

Q5: How do you plan your SEO work?

This is something really important for you to know about. Mostly people get staggered at the time you ask this question. This is because the person has see the keyword status, he or she cannot have an idea about how to manage without inspecting it. But people who really have an experience will definitely help in getting you the exact answer to it. Every individual SEO expert has some plan; therefore if the guy does not have any plan, then he or she is not capable for your project.

The entire questions that have been asked above are really important.  When you hire any SEO, it is better you start an interview by asking this question. Until you are satisfied with the answers you can go on with other person. Having this question asked to the SEO person will help you in getting the perfect SEO guy for your project.

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