Positive And Negative Factors of Search Engine Optimization

This is always a nice idea to be updates on the elements, which search engines usage to decide rank websites and search results. SEOMoz introduced a very thorough document that outlines the views of thirty four SEO specialists about how Google’s algorithms perform. Under you will get the top five negative and positive elements on study –

Search Engine OptimizationTop 5 Negative Aspects –

  • Server is frequently unreachable to Bots
  • External links to spam websites or less quality
  • Content very same or replica of available content on index
  • Duplicate Meta tags or title on numbers of pages
  • Involvement in actively vending links or link plans

Top 5 Positive Aspects –

  • World link popularity of website
  • Usage of keyword in title tag
  • Link popularity in the website
  • Inbound link’s anchor text
  • Age of website

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