Plugins By WordPress For Attractive Image Handling

If you want to have a successful blog, then images at your blog plays an important role. If you have a good supporting images for your content then people would get interested in reading the content.

Bloggers find many image problems while uploading them to their blogs, but there are few best plugins by WordPress (WP) that gives you the best solution for all your image problems.


1.     FrontPage Slideshow:

This plugin helps you to create a professional slideshow that will appear at the front page of your blog. The pictures that you upload are clickable and they will navigate to the particular post. One of the great features of this plugin is that, the four slideshow images can be displayed at the same time and when the image gets changed it fades and that makes it smoother.

2.     jQuery Image Lazy Loader WP:

If you want to upload numbers of images at your blog, then Lazy Loader is the best plugin. As it take longer time to upload all the images at once, but Lazy Loader helps you upload all the images at the top of every page first and then it continuously upload all the images as the user scrolls down.

3.     WP Photo Album:

Using this theme helps you to manage your photo album at your WP blog. This plugin is specially made for bloggers. It has a feature that helps you to move images that aims to albums and manage the length and width of thumbnail.

4.     NextGEN Gallary:

This is the best plugin for creating a gallery and you don’t want to miss out this plugin. It has a reasonable back-end and is comprehensive. It does every thing that you expect that your gallery should. It also has an option for Flash slideshow that looks more professional.

5.     Flicker Photo Album:

If you upload your images to flicker before you upload it to your WP blog, then this plugin will make your work easier. The only thing that you have to do is choose the Flicker photoset and display it to the gallery of your blog that will help you to customize your blog and improve the look and feel of your blog. This plugin also provides you with great widget that allows you to display your entire latest photos that you have uploaded it to your Flicker account.

All the above are the WordPress blog that helps to create an attractive image at your WP blog.

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