Pinterest Becomes Third Most Visited Social Networking Website in US

Pinterest is day by day touching new heights. In US, Pinterest has been successful to establish itself in majority of homes. The news in the media is that the social networking website “Pinterest” is now the third most famous website in United States. There should not be any guesses about which two are ahead. Obviously Facebook and twitter are the ones. Experian Hitwise has done the research.

The research stated that the social networking website Pinterest has now got 21.5 million by the week end on Jan 28. Women mostly dominate the website. The ratio is around 60:40 for women and men.


Pinterest successfully beat LinkedIn by good distance and the ranking is given below according to the total visits in March.

1. Facebook with 7 billion

2. Twitter with 182 million

3. Pinterest with 104 million

4. LinkedIn with 86 million

5. Tagged with 72 million

6. Google+ with 61 million

The visit ranking is basically meant for web social networking sites. For Mobile sites Instagram hold high place with 10.2 million visits and foursquare is still growing with the visits of 3.9 million.

Although, Pinterest only ranked for total visits but not for unique visits. For unique visits, Pinterest was not among in top 50 as well.

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