How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines?

Search engine optimization is the key to get long lasting traffic to your blogs.

No matter how great your content is, you should always be taking care of properly optimizing your blog posts for the search engines to get quality results.

This is Panda and Penguin world, so make sure you’re contents are not heavily keyword stuffed and optimized properly. Use the following tips to properly optimize your blog posts for search engines.

How to optimize your blog posts?

There are certain rules to properly optimize your blog posts for the search engines to bring great search traffic. There’s no way you can bring instant search traffic to your blog posts. Search engine traffic always takes time, the more you wait, the more chances for your blog posts to bring more traffic. But make sure you’re not writing copied content to get a hit by panda or penguin. Always write unique contents to produce best search traffic to your sites.

Without further ado.. here are few top ways to optimize your blog posts for the search engines.

Find your targeted keywords

This is the first step to optimize your blog posts. Always know your keywords before writing even a single word on your site. Most of the new bloggers don’t worry about this step, they often end up with no search traffic at all.

So find your keywords and use them wisely on your blog posts.

Your headlines weigh more

Search engine uses crawlers to crawl your blog posts. They give more weight when they find your targeted keywords in the headlines. So always use the keywords in your headlines to get more search traffic.

Use keywords in subheads

Use h2 or h3 tags on your sub heads and give equal importance to embed your keywords in subheads. This way you’ll be giving more chances to repeat the same keywords again and you’ll get more weight for the desired keywords when they’re used with h2 and h3 tags.

Use keywords in ALT tags of your images

If there’s ONE major use of using images on your blog posts, it is this: you can optimize your images too to bring search traffic. ALT tag plays a vital role to drive optimum traffic to your blog.

Optimize your URL’s

Don’t use long and boring URL’s. Make them short and include your targeted keywords even in your URL’s. This is the most effective way to tell crawlers and bots that you’re talking about a specific keyword.

Use your SEO plugins cleverly

Whether you’re using either All in one SEO plugin or SEO by yoast, you should be using the meta description cleverly. Because when someone search for on Google for a specific keywords – your meta description is what acts like a rich snippet which can give instant idea to the search users to whether or not click on your links.

If you’re cleverly using your meta description (always use your keywords in the beginning of the meta description to make it rank high!), then you’ll certainly drive great search traffic to your blog posts.

Over to you:

What are the tips you’ve about optimizing blog posts for search engines?

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