New Year Resolution For Blogger In 2014

2014 has just started and everybody is making their New Year resolutions. Some of these resolutions are made for improving the lives of people, some of the resolutions are made to quit any bad habit or for many other reasons. But it is also essential for the bloggers to make some serious commitments and some New Year resolutions. These resolutions can be of different types like:

    • Creating the unique personality:

Creating a unique personality is very important for all the people who want to make their career as bloggers. The readers like to see the unique personality of the bloggers while checking their blogs. So, reveal yourself and add the about me section or the author box to make the majority out of it. Your personality would help you to get more readers.



    • Post a few blogs on a daily basis:

It is important to feed your blogs on a regular basis to increase the popularity. So, post at least 2-3 quality and unique contents in your blog on a daily basis. The reason is that, if you really want to reach to your readers before your competitors, then you have to keep your blog updated. Besides, it is also important to make the blogs interesting, especially if you are a new blogger.

    • Choose good and unique topics:

You must choose good and unique topics for your post. Remember that people only enjoy the interesting posts and they also share the posts they like. So, research well and write contents which are good enough. Moreover, always put the latest information as well as use the latest technologies on your blog to start apart from others.

    • Identify and study the competitors:

The bloggers mainly post to get quality traffic. If you can attract more traffic, then you will be able to be a successful blogger. Besides, you need to keep a track on the traffic amount which your competitors are getting. Learning about the competitors of your niche would help you to set your appropriate goal and you will be able to find out the things which are missing in their blogs.

It is your duty to help people to reach out to your blog so that they can read it. One of the easiest methods of making your blog popular is by taking the help of the social media like Twitter and Facebook. The social media offers a handful of benefits to the blogs. Create a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a Google plus account and post daily updates about your blog.

    • Build relations with your readers:

Your blogs are not enough to reach to your readers personally and to make personal relationships with them. Improve the quality of your blog by taking the updates from the readers. Allow them to comment on your blog so that you can learn about their demands or about their complaints if any. These things will surely help you in improving your blog. You can also generate polls and discussions on your blog.


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