Mistakes made By The Designers In Their Blog

If you are planning design a blog then it is really important to know a basic knowledge of designing and few dos and don’ts of it. There are many concepts that you can use to design a website, but then also people are found to make mistakes. So let’s see the common mistakes that designers do while designing the blog.


Endless Page

This is most common mistake made by the designers. If you are a visitor then you really won’t want the page that is endless to scroll. Better way to do it links your website with different pages. This would help the visitor to navigate from particular page to another easily.

New Tab Open On Click

Most of the designer make a mistake when they put a code to open the new wind on clicking on there website link. They do this to ensure that the user will return to there site. But this is really bad trick to use, because the visitor get frustrated and never visit your site again.

Most of the user never likes the pop up window when they click on the link. So before designing the website it is better to think as a visitor’s point of view.

Unnecessary Ads Pop up

When ever you place an ad in your website remember that never use it as a pop up window. The pop up window is the distraction at your website which tends the user to get irritated. If you have any thing like this then better change it as soon as possible because this will lead to decrease the visitors at your site.

Bad Content

Remember that whenever a user comes at your site he or she is searching to get some knowledge from it. It would be really bad if you have some bad content at your site.  It is better to research before you write a content for your blog.


The most important thing for a designer to take it seriously is the alignment of the blog.  This is the most common thing that a designer show knows. If you have the alignment in a proper format and have made spacing with fix amount of pixels it will really help to make the look and feel of your blog.

These were some of the basic think that the designer should keep in mind before making a proper design to there blog.

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