Manually Install WordPress On Any Of The Web-hosting

Installing WordPress (WP) has become really easy nowadays and it takes less than five minutes to create your website. But do you know how to install the WordPress manually in the Webhosting, if no then we are here to let you know about how to install WP blog in the Webhosting.

Before installing the WP blog manually you need to:

  1. Download WP latest version from the official page i.e. from the WP website.
  2. Give a FTP access of the hosting account.
  3. To create database give cPanel access.

After you do all the above steps, now you can install the WP blog manually to any of the webhosting. How to do this? Follow the steps:

Create Data User and Database:

This is the only step that will confuse you if you are a non technical guy. Most of the hosting providers offer MySQL with the cPanel. Now you have to Login to your cPannel and then click on the MySQL database to create the database.


You will find the button as “Next,” click on that button to go to the next step. When you click on the next button you will see the new database created and will ask for the password. You can create your own password or can use Password Generator.


After going through this, you can now create user where the new window will occur with the privileges. Select the privileges that you need to assign and then click on the next Step. Now you have done with your first step i.e. creating database and data users.

After doing that extract the zip file and open the wp-config file. You only need to change the FTP server on the wp-config file. After finishing this you need to install WP at your cPanel.

Edit WP-Config File:


This is the most important step that you need to follow. In the wp-confg file (that you get when you extract the zip file) you need to fill-up the data base information that you have created. In the wp-config file you need to edit the database name, database password, database id, and the hosting name.

Execute the manually installation script:

After doing the entire basic step now you have to execute the WP manually installation script. You have to do some basic setting and give the user name and password to your wp-admin.

To do this first go to (The domain is nothing but your actual domain name). Now create the username and password and then click on Install WordPress.

This is where the end is. After this you can go to the and login to change some of the setting on your blogs. These are the few simple steps that you need to do to manually install WP on the webhost.

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