Make Your Tweet More Trust Worthy

Twitter has become one of the most important and powerful medium to gain traffic for your website, but a single tweet button. The resent study made for Twitter shows that you really need to make your Tweet more trust worthy and let people take it more seriously.


This study was made by Carnegie Mellon University along with Microsoft. The study shows that you need to have a proper profile and having trust worthy profile helps you to gain more traffic through tweet and re-tweet.

We have come out with the factors that help you to make your tweet better. Follow the below given points:

  1. The profile information about you must be relevant to the URL that you want to Tweet.
  2. The author should have similar content tweet.
  3. You must also tweet those content that you thing is relevant and genuine.
  4. Make sure that you don’t have a non standard grammar at your URL’s content.
  5. You must follow number of other people.
  6. Your image profile also matters a lot; because that shows that you are genuine.

All this factor is what really matters a lot for getting more and more re-tweets. Before you make or change your profile make sure that you have read this Article and made the profile according to it.

We will surely come out with some more Articles like this further that will help you to make your social media better.

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